NFL Commissioner on 18 games, player safety

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell hit on a variety of subjects during a press conference at the NFL Owners' Meetings, including an 18-game schedule and player safety.

Expanding the season: There has been talk about expanding to an 18-game regular season, but the NFLPA said it is something that they are against. Goodell shared his thoughts on the possibility of the 18-game season happening and how the league is working with the NFLPA in regards to it.

"We've always said that in the Collective Bargaining Agreement we would negotiate those issues," said Goodell. "When the right time comes, we'll have the discussions of whatever we think is the right season structure is. We have had discussions about the expanded postseason. We will likely have more."

Safety First: Player safety continues to be an emphasis in the NFL and Goodell said that he is pleased with the progress that is being made in that area.

"What we've seen is that players have adjusted to the rules and they are finding that target zone and it is a safer, better game because of it," said Goodell. "The Competition Committee spent a lot of time studying that over the last two months and the report I got yesterday when meeting with the committee is that we think the changes have been very effective and have led to a better game."

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