Myron Memories Part 4


Steelers fans offer more of their personal memories of Myron Cope:


A Myron Cope limerick:

There once was a sportscaster Myron,

Whose voice could rival a siren.

This morning he passed,

Fly your towels at half mast.

Double Yoi! And pass me an I-ron!

Bob "The Dog" Schneider

Laurel, Md.


My fondest memory of Myron was when Howard Cosell called Myron, "The Howard Cosell of Pittsburgh," and Myron responded with, "He must be kidding. Howard Cosell is the Myron Cope of New York!"  There will never be another Myron.

Suzanne Seitzberg

Hilton Head, S.C.


Although I have lived in Los Angeles for most of my adult life, I grew up listening to Myron and will never forget his unique broadcasting style. My father, a Steelers season ticket holder since 1973, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh the same year as Myron. About 5 years ago, my father was at Heinz Field and happened to be walking in the direction of Myron. While they were never more than a faint acquaintance in college, Myron stopped, pointed his finger, and in that distinctive voice said, "Pitt, am I right?" My father acknowledged. "I thought so," said Myron.

Unfortunately, my father passed away two months ago. Maybe he and Myron will reunite and reminisce about Pitt and the Steelers.

Frank Marsico

Marina del Rey, California


I remember the first game my son and I went to at Heinz Field. After the game we stayed at the Coca-Cola Great Hall for Cope's Cabana. I can still hear my son yelling to me, "Dad there he is, it's Myron Cope. Okel-Dokel." We both laughed. I hope Myron knew that he was as popular and well liked as any player, coach or anyone involved with the Steelers.

Bonnie, Ray & Matt Topolski

Shamokin, Pa.


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