Myron Memories, Part 3


Steelers fans offer more of their personal memories of Myron Cope:


Since I was a kid, Myron's voice meant football season. It meant

Steelers season. His voice was the musical composition our favorite pastime played to. He lifted us higher when things were good and he agreed with us when things were bad. He was bigger than the radio or TV or football. He was our little representative. He was one of us.

Michael Rosenthal


I remember that the one game I missed on TV in the 2004 season was the regular season game against the Jets because I was visiting relatives out of town. I was all excited about the season and the team being so good, and told my dad to fire up the radio. We actually tuned in around the time Jerome Bettis threw his touchdown pass to Jerame Tuman, and so right when we turned the radio on, we heard Myron hollering, "Yoi! The Bus just threw a touchdown pass!" That was one of my favorite Steelers moments of all time.

Chris, age 12

State College, Pa.


Thank you, Myron, for being my pal in the trenches, and thank you for being bold in saying the things that nobody else on the radio would dare say. You made me feel like I was right there in the crowd, and we were sharing in a brewski and kielbasa.  Even in defeat, you left me with at least one positive thought to hold me until the next kickoff.  So long, my friend. Take it to the house …  riding on Cloud Cabana.

Karl Kovacs

Rockville, Md.


I have been very lucky to be a sports fan born and raised in Western Pennsylvania. I have been fortunate to be around, admire and cheer for ... the Steelers, Franco Harris and Myron Cope; the Pirates, Roberto Clemente and Bob Prince; and the Penguins, Mario Lemiuex and Mike Lange. That is a trifecta that no other sports fan anywhere, in any era, can beat. Myron, you will be missed and never replaced.

John R. Swisher, Esq.

Columbus, OH


I am originally from the Morgantown, W. Va., area, and down there we love our Steelers. When I was little, my mother and I lived in Virginia. My mother was such a Steelers fan that if the game was not playing on cable in Virginia, we would drive to West Virginia for the weekend to watch the game. I always knew we were home when my mom would switch on the radio station. Myron Cope was not only a great sportscaster, but he brought the feeling of home to me.

V/r A1C Jessica Styles

Eagles Landing Flight Kitchen


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