Moats: 'You have to disrupt him"


The Chiefs Travis Kelce is a player the Steelers are going to have to look out for on Sunday, as the 6-5 tight end has become a favorite target of quarterback Alex Smith and is doing some damage once he gets his hands on the ball.

Kelce has 29 receptions for 416 yards, a 14.3 yard average, and two touchdowns, and his yards after catch make him dangerous.

This is what the Steelers had to say about Kelce.

Linebacker Arthur Moats:
"He is a good sized target. He has great hands, really good run after catch. Alex Smith is using him in that offense. He is a complement to what he does. You have to disrupt him early on and not let him get into a groove. With a guy that size, when he is out there running around he is definitely going to create some mismatches. You have to disrupt him early and just try to get him with that."

Linebacker Ryan Shazier:
"He is a big body guy. We have to keep our eyes on him. A lot of guys sometimes forget how big a factor he is in their offense. We just have to make sure we keep an eye on him and have a guy on him at all times. They try to hide him sometimes. We have to make sure we know where he is."

Cornerback Ross Cockrell:
"He is a do it all kind of tight end. He likes to get physical. He'll block well. He runs well after the catch and he attacks the football in the air. On top of all of that he has a lot of size. His size, plus his athleticism and physicality makes him a tremendous threat."

Coach Mike Tomlin:
"He is one of the talented and young offensive players in the NFL at tight end. He is very versatile. He can align in the core or displaced from the core. They highlight his skill set in a lot of ways. His run after the catch is unique for the tight end position. This is the guy that we have to do a really good job of getting on the ground after the catch."

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