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Moats: 'We are getting hot'


Linebacker Arthur Moats gives his take on a wide variety of topics, most important being the Steelers 33-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.

  • On how big getting a win over an AFC North opponent, especially on the road, was for the team:
    "It's a huge win. A divisional opponent. Anytime we are able to beat the Bengals, give them a loss, give us a win, close a little ground on them, it's huge. At this point of the year we are getting hot at the right time."
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On if he is surprised at the workload James Harrison is able to take on:**
"That is James Harrison. He has been doing it for a long time. His work ethic is crazy. When you see this guy coming in at 37 years old, working out, he is drenched in sweat every morning before some guys are even out of bed, you can see the kind of desire he has to be great. I feel like it shows up. I work out with him, so I am not surprised because I see the work he puts in. Others that don't see it might not understand it."

  • On getting contributions from everyone, including Rob Golden and Stephon Tuitt with their first career interceptions on Sunday:
    "Any time we have any of the 11 guys on the field, we are all capable of making plays. All of our defensive backs that have played have made an interception. That shows the caliber of team we have, the depth, and once you get your opportunity you are going to capitalize on it."

On what he sees from the Denver Broncos:
"I feel like their identity has changed with Brock Osweiler versus Peyton Manning, but they are definitely doing some really good things. We see some weaknesses we can exploit. It's going to come down to us doing what we have to do. We don't feel like any team is better than us, we just feel like it's up to us to be accountable and pay attention to details throughout the week."

On if he watches for others teams scores in the playoff hunt:
"As long as we are winning, everything is going to take care of itself. It's not one of those things we are extremely focused on. As long as we win, things are fine."

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