Mike Humpal Conference Call




Linebacker - University of Iowa

6th Round – 188th Overall

* *

Did they say where they plan to use you, on the inside or outside?

No they didn't.  They said that I have a lot to learn coming in, and that it would be a little different than what I was playing at Iowa. I look forward to the opportunity.

You played the weak side in a 4-3, is that right?


What about special teams?

I talked to the special teams coach.  He said that they were going to give me a shot at kick offs whether it is in the middle or the outside, I'm excited about that as well.

It sounds like they made that a priority, if they put you on the line with the special teams coach?

Yeah, I kind of knew going into it that was an area of focus. That is what I was capable of doing. Later round draft picks and younger guys, this is what they go through. I'm looking forward to the challenge.

How many teams did you participate on in college?

I played on every special teams unit throughout my career here at Iowa.

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