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Leaders in the Classroom Week 6 winner: Christy Crago


Leaders In The Classroom - Week 6 Winner

Christy Crago

Grade: 6th Grade

School: Environmental Charter School

Christy was nominated by her principal who says: "Christy strives to have an interactive literacy classroom. She writes her own curriculum, focused on the needs of her learners, the passions of her students and a drive to foster a love of learning. She uses the natural and built environment around our school to spark student curiosity and is frequently seen outside with her students during the prewriting phase of her units. Christy is always trying to get to know her students on a personal level and use that knowledge in her daily interactions with students. The strong relationships she forms allow her to have difficult conversations with parents and help students in need. Parents trust her and know that she makes decisions with their best interests in mind."

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