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Keeping the faith

Count offensive coordinator Matt Canada among those answering head coach Mike Tomlin's call for "steely resolve" this week in response to the Steelers' two-game losing streak.

"As long as we keep doing our jobs it's going to come around and we have great faith in that over the long haul," Canada maintained today. "With all the skill we have and all the players we have and all the talent we have, we're gonna get in the right place at the right time.

"Never soon enough, as we stand here right now coming off two losses. Hasn't happened but have great faith it will. We're just gonna keep working at it."

The offense has for the most part struggled through three games but also improved after each game, in Tomlin's estimation.

Canada cited examples from the Steelers' 29-17 loss on Sept. 22 in Cleveland as evidence of the progress being made while also acknowledging the need for more such work to be done until the Steelers can achieve the results they're seeking.

"We had a 12-play drive the first drive of the second half," Canada noted. "We had a real critical penalty that brought us back and then we had another penalty on third down, that was a tough one. We had a good drive the second drive of the game that we ended up not getting any points on, but we had a couple critical plays to take responsibility for not being close enough. And then we scored two touchdowns and then we had that drive (to start the third quarter).

"After that the game kind of went the way it went. Until we score enough points it doesn't matter."

The Steelers' second drive of the game in Cleveland produced one first down and ended with a 49-yard field goal attempt that missed wide right.

The opening possession of the second half ultimately fizzled on a third-and-5 incompletion that also included wide receiver Chase Claypool being called for offensive pass interference.

The "real critical penalty" Canada referenced was an ineligible downfield flag thrown at offensive tackle Chukwuma Okorafor.

The infraction wiped out a shovel pass to running back Jaylen Warren that gained 35 yards to the Browns' 15-yard line.

"We're not gonna change anything about that play," Canada insisted. "The way that play was executed, we executed exactly as we wanted to execute.

"And when we call that play we hope to execute it exactly like that again."

Canada was encouraged by the continued progress demonstrated by the offensive line against the Browns, the result of the game notwithstanding.

"Coming out of the Jacksonville preseason game when everything was 'oh, my gosh,' I think our line has gotten better every week," Canada assessed. "Obviously, we have to maintain possession of the ball and stay on the field. Until we do those things and give them a chance to be out there more I don't think you'll see everything we want to see.

"But we have (allowed) five statistical sacks right now, none of them are on the offensive line. I think that's a credit to them and the job they've done. I think (offensive line coach) Pat (Meyer) and (assistant offensive line coach) Isaac (Williams) have done a great job with them.

"None of that matters until we win."