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Joe Greene talks football and fans

Joe Greene has been to Saint Vincent College for Steelers training camp more times than he can remember, but this summer he will be headed there for a completely different reason.

Greene will be the featured speaker at the Steelers Men’s Fantasy Camp, which will be held at the summer home of the Steelers from June 2-4.  


"I hope I can find some things the fans will find interesting," said Greene. "I can share some of my experiences from camp and my playing days. I will be able to think of something to share."

There is no doubt Greene will have stories. From his Hall of Fame playing career, to his time coaching, and then being a part of the Steelers player personnel department, Greene has seen it all. And he is looking forward to sharing it with fans who he knows are passionate about the black and gold.

"It's a special trait that is probably pervasive throughout the NFL because of the NFL itself, but there are some teams that have a special bond with the fans and the Steelers are one of those teams," said Greene. "I was there when it wasn't like that, and when it started to grow and develop into what it is now. It's something you don't take for granted.

"To have the love affair the Steelers fans have with their team is special. When they see the guys, get to have camaraderie with them at training camp, those things are special. I think it's great the Steelers organization puts on events like this to encourage people to participate. That is really what it's all about. It's about the sport and the relationship with the fans and the people who participate in the sport."

And speaking of those who 'participate in the sport,' as always Greene followed the Steelers closely last season, enjoying some of it, and feeling the same disappointment the players did when they lost in the AFC Championship Game and didn't make it to the Super Bowl.

"It was a rollercoaster," said Greene. "I don't know if anyone thought the Steelers would make it to the championship game around the fourth or fifth game of the season. Then moving into the halfway point, we weren't playing the type of football we expect of ourselves.

"Then we put some games together which looked like yes, we do have a chance. The game against the Ravens where Antonio Brown made a play that to me will go down in the annals of Steelers football. Seconds left and he was stopped short and he was able to manipulate the ball over the goal line for the winning score. That was a great play and that is what people want to see. That is what I enjoyed seeing, that kind of effort.

"We just didn't put the icing on the cake at the end. I have played in games where there were disappointment, so I know it's part of the game. But there is also joy and that is what we are after. We have to understand that we are all in this together. The more we understand that, the better chance we have of executing all of our desires. It is about the team."

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