How much has Bud Dupree's game grown?


He has played in every game, and even though he has yet to make a start, rookie linebacker Bud Dupree is tied for second in sacks on the team with Cam Heyward with four.

Not a bad start for a rookie at all. And he will tell you just that.

Well, no, not really.

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"I think I am doing all right," said Dupree, not one to give himself any credit ever. "I still have a lot of room to improve, still need to get better each game, each week. I have a lot of work to do."

Dupree has grown tremendously since he was drafted, since OTAs, minicamp and training camp. And while he is a work in progress, the key factor is he is making progress, making strides continuously.

"My knowledge of the game has grown more, knowing how people play me," said Dupree. "I have a real feel for an NFL game plan. That has helped me a lot. That all comes with me learning the playbook more, getting in depth with the plays, things like that."

He admits there are things you have to adjust to when you make that jump from college to the NFL, the biggest one being the speed of the game.

"Thinking on the run, thinking fast," said Dupree. "Things happen so quickly you have to make sure you stay on your feet at the same time."

The one thing he likes is the challenge of going against legitimate stars every week. In college there are a few stars on a team, but in the NFL it's completely different. Everyone is a star.

"It always makes things that much more fun," said Dupree. "You are going against the best every time. Everyone is a star on their teams. It makes it that much more fun to compete."

Dupree plans on doing what many of his teammates will be doing this week during the Steelers bye, getting his body recovered and getting ready for the home stretch of the season.

"I need to continue to improve, make sure I get better each game and help my team win," said Dupree. "I want to keep improving in the passing game, in the running game. Honestly, just keep improving in everything."

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