Home cooking, hoops and laundry

While a normal weekend for Steelers players is spent on the field, this weekend will be quite different.

A Lakers game, fishing, home cooked meals and even folding laundry are all on the agenda as the Steelers enjoy their bye weekend.

"I am going to go back home with my family, get some good meals in," said Terrell Edmunds. "I haven't had the home cooked meals like I like. Me and my brother (Trey) try to cook it up in the house, but it's not the same as your mom, and dad, and grandmother. Just go home and get some good meals in and relax with the family.

"I am missing the meals. You are out here on your own. I don't have a girlfriend. I am at home, trying to do my own thing. Sometimes I cook, but I eat out a lot, so getting a home cooked meal will be nice."

He isn't the only one looking forward to some home cooking.

"I plan on going home and getting some much-needed family time," said James Washington. "Seeing my mom and family. Mom's food is the best food."

Stephon Tuitt plans on attacking the 'honey do' list this weekend, which he said will include folding some laundry, but also spending quality time with his family, including his four-year old son, Payne.

"I am spending some quality time with my family," said Tuitt. "I have a little boy. I don't see him as much when the season starts. I have another one on the way, so I will cater to the Mrs. and make sure she is all right. I will at least have the television on to watch some games."

One guy who won't be staying on the home front is Joe Haden. Instead he will be heading across country to see the Los Angeles Lakers play the Houston Rockets in LeBron James' home opener with his new team.

"I am going to go to Los Angeles, go see the Lakers play, go see 'Bron open up in L.A.," said Haden. "That should be fun."

Haden got to know James when both played in Cleveland, Haden for the Browns, James for the Cavaliers.

"It's been a blessing knowing him," said Haden. "I have been a big fan of him for so long, when I was in Cleveland, being able to meet with him, talk with him, that was special."

Haden said James has seen him play, but doesn't believe he owns any Steelers apparel, something he might have to change.

"I am going to get him a 2-3 jersey," said Haden. "I should bring him one for this. That is what I am going to do."

David DeCastro said he won't be watching any football this week, instead just dialing it back and going fishing.

"You just have to be smart about it," said DeCastro. "The older I get you have to really enjoy it. You have to tune out football. Get away, relax, reset a little bit. Take care of your body, mind, and come back ready to go. We have a long stretch and guys realize how important it is."