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Holba signed to a four-year deal

The Steelers signed sixth-round draft pick Colin Holba to a four-year contract.   

Holba, the long snapper from Louisville, is the third of the team's eight players from the 2017 NFL Draft to sign.

"Not many long snappers come along that we believe are draftable," said General Manager Kevin Colbert. "When we see one, we want to add him in the mix just like we would any other position and provide competition for Greg (Warren). Colin certainly fit that bill and that's why we pulled the trigger when we did.

"A lot of the college snappers are these 6-1, 215-220 guys, which really would have a hard time snapping and blocking in our league. So, Colin, he is really 6-3, 248 and he has some coverage ability. Not that he will be the first line of defense, but he has the size to go along with the snapping. Again, not many come along that are that size who are competent snappers. It's really a supply and demand issue."

Holba said he is looking forward to learning from Warren, as well as special teams coordinator Danny Smith.

"(Greg) has been there a while," said Holba. "He is one of the best in the business. I can't wait to soak up all of the information he has to offer and do all that the coaches tell me to do and work my butt off.

"The Steelers have some of the best special teams in the NFL. I can't wait to learn and soak up all the information (Smith) has to offer."

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