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Hit on Brown bugs his teammates

The one play that will stand out in the mind of Steelers' fans from Sunday's win over the Cincinnati Bengals is Antonio Brown's 31-yard touchdown catch, that secured a 28-21 victory.

With just 15 seconds to play, Ben Roethlisberger went to Brown, who pulled it in and never slowed down, aided by a block by Justin Hunter and taking it in for the game-winning score.

Steelers Nation went nuts, and rightfully so.

But there is another Brown catch that his teammates were talking about on Monday, and not for the catch itself.

In the third quarter Brown had a 13-yard reception, taken down by two Bengals safeties. As Brown was going down, Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict hit him with a forearm to the head.

"It's tough to see AB get hit like that," said David DeCastro. "You have all the emphasis on quarterback's safety, what about a guy like AB? A superstar in the league. How much he means to this team. A cheap shot like that, I thought was unnecessary."

It's not the first time Burfict has hit Brown, causing a concussion with a hit in the 2015 AFC Wild Card game.

"That is pathetic," said Marcus Gilbert. "The NFL has to do something about that. A guy like that, going out there and intentionally trying to hurt people, there is no need for that kind of play in this league. It's sad. Hopefully one day he will grow up.

"He is just hurting his team. That could have been a costly penalty right there. Should be suspended for that hit. We'll see. He is too good of a football player to be missing games like that or to be potentially putting his team in harm's way and a chance to lose games. It's just crazy."

Burfict didn't draw a penalty for the hit, something that definitely came as a surprise to Brown's teammates.

"They have to determine it, I can say whatever I want," said DeCastro if there should be punishment. "At the end it's their decision. If they want to make this game safer, maybe they will do something. I don't know what the deal is."