Hearing from Saxon, Munchak


Assorted chatter from the offensive staff:

Running backs coach James Saxon on the blocking scheme the Steelers will favor:
"Right now, (offensive line coach Mike Munchak) and myself, being the two new guys we're in the process of learning all the little intricacies of what we're trying to do as an offense. We've had a lot of great discussions about what we want. The conversations that I'm having with the guys in my room, I've said, 'Look, we're going to do the best things in the running game for the five guys that are blocking up front.' We have to be accountable in terms of where we put the football. They're going to know where to put the football because we have to help those five guys up front."

Saxon on the outside-zone blocking scheme:
"It's all a part of it. What you develop into becoming is what you end up doing the best. It's about the five guys up front and what they do well. I had a conversation with the running backs in my room and said, 'Look, you guys may want to fall in love with one concept. The correct answer should be, 'We like them all, and we want the ones that the five guys do best.'

Munchak on the outside-zone blocking scheme:
"It'll be a part of our offense. There's not much more to it; you're going a hole wider. It'll add to what we've done last year as an offense. It's something we're very capable of doing with the type of offensive linemen we have. That's the nice thing about getting versatile guys who can run, a guy like (David) DeCastro who can pull and do some things, (Kelvin) Beachum can run as a tackle, (Maurkice) Pouncey can obviously do just about anything you want him to do as a center. There are a lot of options to what we can do, and that's what we're exploring now. My job as line coach is to figure out what they all do best, and then let's make that part of the offense. The outside-zone will easily be a part of that, part of the equation. There's a place for that scheme that will allow us to be more productive."

Munchak on Pouncey:
"That's what I was so excited about coming here. I knew most of these guys, I've studied them, watched them. I remember when Pouncey got drafted, I said, 'Man, they got a great one there.' He's doing well, I think right on target to what they thought he would be. He's very excited about playing again. He's been to all the meetings. He's been on the field running around. We pretty much are just going to have to control him from not being too excited as we get into (training) camp, because it's a long way to go yet before that opener. But he looks good, everything's optimistic there. He's the leader, there's no doubt about that. He's the guy they all look to.

Munchak on what he has to work with:
"I think there are a lot of guys coming into their best years. I always tell guys their fourth year, their fifth year, their sixth year are where they understand the league now. That's where David is right now (heading into his third year). That's where Pouncey is right now (heading into his fifth year). That's where (Marcus) Gilbert is right now (heading into his fourth year). I think you're going to see the best offensive line play, hopefully, that we have going forward for the next handful of years."

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