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'He is the No. 1 receiver in the NFL'

No. 1 in his book: If you follow Antonio Brown on social media, no doubt you have seen his workouts with Chad 'Ochocinco' Johnson. The two have been friends for a long time, going back to their days in Miami, Florida, and have trained together a little over a decade.

"We have been training together 10 or plus years behind closed doors before social media came about," said Johnson. "Very good friend of mine."

That friendship has nothing to do with Johnson's opinion of Brown's talent, though. He takes an unbiased approach when ranking where Brown stands among NFL receivers, and breaks down why he has that opinion.

"Ranked No. 1. No. 1," said Johnson. "As far as all-time goes, I am not sure because he is not finished playing. As far as right now goes, he is the No. 1 receiver in the NFL.

"He is the only person you can line up, like in the Marvin Harrison era, to leave him on one side and tell him to get open. That's easy. That makes other people's jobs easier. That is what Antonio Brown is."

First time fun: Chris Boswell and Roosevelt Nix have been soaking in the fun at the Pro Bowl, enjoying their first time being a part of it all.

"It's awesome to be here with nine other guys, the coaches, and all of the fans out here," said Boswell. "Everywhere you look there are Steelers jerseys, hats, and Terrible Towels flying. It's cool."

Nix was named to the Pro Bowl at the start of the week, and isn't taking any of it for granted.

"It's a blessing to be here," said Nix. "We have a lot of great players on our team. It's a blessing to be here to experience it with them. I am taking every second of it and loving every second of it."

Fun in the sun: Here is a look at life at the Pro Bowl.

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