"Hash Marks" Harris Week 11 Recap

Good Calls:


I really liked Aaron Rodgers, who got a solid 17 fantasy points in a big win at Minnesota. Kirk Cousinsand Blake Bortlesboth had bad games, two players I said to avoid. I was also correct about being on the fence about Tom Brady, who only totaled 10 fantasy points. RBs

I was on the fence with Darren McFaddenand Jonathan Stewartbut both turned out solid performances. I also said to avoid Todd Gurleyand Jeremy Langford, who had average games.


Julio Jonesand Dez Bryanteach had a solid game, two of my top picks from last week. My apprehension with A.J. Greenended up being a good thing, as Green didn't do anything at Arizona. Calvin Johnsonand Larry Fitzergaldhad average games, both receivers that I said to avoid. I really liked Danny Amendola, and he registered 16.7 fantasy points.


This was by far my best group of the week. The only player that burned me was Jason Wittenwho had just 27 receiving yards.

Defense/Special Teams

Seattleand Denverboth had solid games.


Justin Tuckertotaled nine fantasy points. He was about all I got right.

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