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Greene on Harrison: 'He's no nonsense'

Joe Greene had quite the lineup around him during his playing days in the 1970s, including Hall of Fame linebackers Jack Lambert and Jack Ham. But there is one linebacker he would have liked to have had the opportunity to play with.

James Harrison.

"No doubt I would have liked to play with him on our defense," said Greene. "He's no nonsense. Come to work and let's get it done.

"That's kind of the mentality that has been pervasive through different players over these years since the 1970s until now. There has always been a player or more who has exemplified that kind of Steelers grit that young man possesses. That is what I hope we are about. That is what I would like to see us always be about."

Greene said that Harrison would have fit in perfectly with the players from the 1970s, and he loves that he brings that same approach to today's team, serving as a perfect example of where hard work can land you.

"I just can't help but glorify James and see the effort he puts in and the leadership he provides doing what he does," said Greene. "They need some of those young people to come through like he was doing at his age. He has that heart of a lion and he shows that in everything he does. I am proud of that young man. I am really proud of that young man.

"Leadership manifests itself in many ways. Sometimes it takes that person in the locker room that isn't going to take anything and doesn't mind saying it. When he says something, they understand he isn't just talking. I think having been in there, I would take a guess that when he speaks people definitely listen."

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