Gilbert: 'We respond to adversity'


It certainly isn't the scenario they were hoping for, but in the infamous words of just about everybody and their brother, 'It is what it is' as far as the playoff picture for the Steelers goes.

A 20-17 loss to the Ravens on Sunday has left the Steelers needing a win against the Cleveland Browns this week, but also needing some help. For the Steelers to make it into the postseason, the New York Jets need to lose to the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo. The Bill defeated the Jets earlier this season at MetLife Stadium.

"It stinks that we put ourselves in that situation, but that is football," said receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey. "We are just going to have to win our game and hope that everything falls in line."

Had the Steelers defeated the Ravens, they would be in control of earning a playing berth. But a Steelers loss, coupled with a Jets overtime win against the New England Patriots, currently has the Steelers on the outside looking in and needing that helping hand.

"We had every opportunity," said tackle Marcus Gilbert. "We were put in this position a couple of years ago and it's the worst feeling to know we have to bank on another team losing in order for us to get in. We have to take responsibility for what we did in Baltimore. We can't do anything but finish strong and win this last game.

"I feel like whenever our backs are up against the wall we respond to adversity pretty well. We have the guys to do so, and we need to do so. We are going to need it from each and every person this coming Sunday to get the job done and get this victory."

Gilbert is referring to the 2013 season when the 8-8 Steelers needed losses by the Ravens, Miami Dolphins and Chargers the final week of the season to earn the final Wild Card spot. The Ravens and Dolphins lost, but the Chargers beat the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime to earn the final Wild Card spot and keep the Steelers out of the playoffs.

"It's hard when you have to depend on someone else," said receiver Martavis Bryant. "We just have to keep working and pray for the best from everything else. We have to put a great game together on Sunday. We have been through a lot this season and we are ready to get back to work on this."

If there is one thing in the Steelers favor, it's the confidence they have in themselves.

"We are not the type of team to sit back and mope around," said linebacker Arthur Moats. "We have to go out there and send a message.

"We are a very resilient, tough minded team and hardened group. That is our mentality and that is what we are going to come out and do."

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