Getting to Know: Ross Cockrell

Stephon Tuitt Cornerback Duke University 3rd Season Who is your football mentor or inspiration?

I guess it started with my dad, Keith Cockrell. He's the one who got me involved in it early on. I was about three or four when I started playing football. He was my mentor all the way through.


What motivates you? **
One of the things that motivates me is just being in this brotherhood and being able to sacrifice for the people around me.

What is your football mindset?
Control as much as I can control and react as fast as possible.

Why do you play football?
I play football because I love to compete. I think football is one of those things where you really get to see a man's character and heart.

What is your proudest football moment or memory?
Getting drafted was a great memory. Then actually being on the field when we played the Bengals in the playoffs and we picked up that fumble.

When you hear Steelers football, what do you think?
Tough, hardnosed, strong, just willing to go that extra mile.

What do you like about Pittsburgh?
It's so alive, it's vibrant and they bleed black & gold.

What is your impression of Steelers fans?
They're nationwide. Everywhere we went we had a strong contingency of Steelers fans. Then being in the city you see the history of the Steelers from Franco Harris and Terry Bradshaw, you see jerseys from the 1970s all the way until now. That's really special.

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