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Getting To Know: Mike Mitchell


The following is the latest installment of Getting To Know, a chance to learn a little more about Steelers' players who were added to the roster over the last few years.

Position: Safety

Height: 6-0

Weight: 210

College: Ohio

Years Pro: 6

How Acquired: UFA, 2014

Football Mentor/Inspiration: I feel like my dad and my brother have always been my two heroes and mentors. But when I got to the NFL there was one guy in particular that really took me under his wing. His name is Sam Williams, played linebacker for the Oakland Raiders. He still mentors me for a lot of stuff off the field.

Proudest Football Moment/Memory: Last year going to my first playoff game. I played with a great group of guys, great group of coaches.

Initial NFL Attraction: My older brother played football and I was like, 'I want to be like my brother.' I saw him playing when I was four-years old. And then my dad was real big in showing me the NFL at an early age. I was like, 'Oh, that's what Chris does but those are the best? I want to be one of them.' I was drawing myself running down the field in kindergarten.  

Football Philosphy: Get them before they get you.      

Impression of Pittsburgh: It's grey a lot. I don't know if I'm going to get sad and depressed out here. Besides that the organization has been outstanding.   

Perception of Steelers: Growing up right outside of Cincinnati, it was always toughness and hard-nosed defense. You just always knew the Steelers for hard-nosed defense. I want to help us continue that tradition and that legacy. 

Goals/Aspirations for 2014: It's Super Bowl or bust. If you're not in it for that reason you need to get out because the sport is too dangerous, too hard on your body. If you're going to pay for it with your body I want to be remembered well after I die. I want to have my name on the trophy with all of my brothers.  

Career Goals: I want to get as many (Super Bowl championships) as I can. I'm not shying away from it at all; me and my dad, we've talked about it in private about going to the Hall of Fame and everything like that. That's something that's extremely important to me. I had a really good relationship with two Hall-of-Famers, Rod Woodson and Willie Brown out in Oakland. They have always told me, 'Mike, if you keep working the way you will you'll finally get your opportunities.' That is my No. 1 objective and to get in that conversation you have to win championships, you have to go to Pro Bowls. I'm trying to be the best player I can possibly be and I set my goals extremely high.    

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