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Getting To Know: Cameron Sutton

Cameron Sutton Cornerback Tennessee Rookie Who is your football mentor or inspiration?
I don't have just one. I kind of modeled my game after great players and current players who can help me in any situation. Whether it's knowledge of the game, style of play, how they track the ball, technique, everything like that. I don't model it after one guy. It's open and a learning process to help me be successful.

What motivates you? **

My family. They sacrificed so much to give me the opportunity I have. Why not do the same for them, my teammates and this organization. They believed in me like nobody else has and I can't do anything but repay them for everything they have given to me. * What is your approach to football?*

Every time we step on the field there has to be confidence, a swagger that you have to have. Not just you, but everyone has to have that same mentality. It's how you approach the game. Your love for the game. All of the hard work, effort and sacrifice that you do and let it show up out there every time you step out there on the field.

Why do you play football?
It's my first love. I am in love with it, from the first time I knew what it was. Constant grind, constant sacrifice. All the little ups and downs that come with it. All the little things that people don't see. They just see the results when you step out on the field. What it took to get to that point. I love every aspect of that. Even the aspects like how to take care of your body, the studying you have to do to prepare for the games, the mental aspect of it all, the physical aspect. It's something I really enjoy.  * When did you start to dream about playing in the NFL?*

Right now it's just being drafted. That is something I worked for ever since I started playing football when I was four years old. I know it doesn't stop there.*I can't be satisfied with just being drafted. Hopefully one day I can look back and say I had an amazing career and be in the Hall of Fame one day. When you hear Steelers, what do you think? *

Legendary. Historic. It's a bigger meaning than just hearing the name. I am the kind of person who is interested in the history of a team or a player, who looks into it. That is a big part of me. Just the history of the men of steel, how far back it dates, how historic it is. I know it's bigger than the game, the impact we have on many lives and many people. * *

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