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Getting To Know: Arthur Moats


Arthur MoatsLinebacker6-2, 250James Madison6th YearWho is your football mentor or inspiration?

It definitely would be my dad and my uncle. They were the ones that focused on me and molded me as I reached for that aspiration.

What motivates you?
My family and wanting to be successful. Wanting to be the best.

What is your football mindset?
I am the best out there. Nobody can beat me. I want to make all of the plays.


Why do you play football?* I love it. I love the game. There is nothing like making a big play in these stadiums in prime time and the crowd goes crazy because of you. I love it.* What is your proudest football moment or memory?**

I would say winning the AFC North division last year. The way that we had to do it, as far as going on the run at the end of the season. We had to overcome a lot of injuries. I felt like we got a lot closer throughout the whole journey. It felt good to clinch the division and get a home playoff game.What teammate that has made the biggest impression on you?

James Harrison definitely. And for a couple of reasons. Before I came here he was one of the guys I tried to emulate because of similar stature. With that in mind, coming in here and him being signed when I got here, seeing his work ethic, how he prepares for games, the things you don't see on film. The day to day activities with the guy. Just seeing that aspect had the biggest impression. He is definitely a leader. He doesn't have to be the most vocal guy. When he speaks, people listen.When you hear Steelers football, what do you think?

Blue collar, hard nose, defense.What do you like about Pittsburgh?

Everybody here is about the sports teams. When I go to my daughter's school, they love her and love me too. They support the team. Everyone supports the organization here and it makes for a better environment.What about Steelers fans?

They are the best. They are diehard, not just in Pittsburgh, but when you go on the road. That is what you enjoy about playing for the Steelers, having that support.What are your goals for the 2015 season?

Be a leader, continue to improve my game and be one of the forces on defense.

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