Fan wins chance to announce draft pick

Steelers' season ticket Jamie Bayer was excited when he got the phone call inviting him to lunch at the team's practice facility on the South Side, something he thought was a thank you for being a season ticket holder for more than 40 years.

But the real reason for the invitation was so General Manager Kevin Colbert could inform Bayer that he was the fan selected to announce the Steelers' fourth-round pick at the NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in New York City on Saturday, April 27, the third day of the draft.

Just one problem, though. Bayer, who lives in O'Hara Township, has a wedding on that day and can't make it. Just like any good game plan, though, there was a quick second option. His daughter, Alexis, sitting next to him at lunch and a diehard Steelers' fan herself, gets to do the honor.

"I can't wait," said Alexis Bayer, a student at Edinboro University who attends all of the Steelers' home games. "I am freaking out on the outside. I am going to hold it together. But I am freaking out. It's going to be nerve-racking, but I am going to be really excited."

Bayer said she plans on setting her DVR today to record the draft and her moment in the spotlight, and dad even plans on slipping away from the wedding for a few minutes to watch her.

"There is no question I will watch it," said Jamie Bayer. "I think many of the people from the wedding will be watching it.

"It was an amazing moment to be asked. The sad part is since I can't go, but, it's a wonderful moment."

They met Steelers' chairman Dan Rooney and President Art Rooney II, toured the practice facility, and had their picture taken with the Super Bowl trophies. While they didn't give any advice on who the Steelers should draft, they definitely have a soft spot for this year's fourth-round pick.

"I always follow all draft picks, but this one a little more," said Alexis.

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