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Fan puts creative spin on countdown to football

Edgar Gonzalez is a lifelong Steelers fan who is passionate about his team. Like all Steelers fans, he looks forward to the start of every football season with great anticipation and counts down the days until it returns each year.

So, when the start of this year's NFL season reached 100 days away, he formulated a plan to count down to a new season in a way that showcased his Steelers fandom. Using his collection of team jerseys, Edgar posted a photo on Twitter nearly every day with the jersey of a current or former Steelers player that showed how many more days until NFL football returned.

The task required a lot of planning, commitment and, of course, jersey options.

"To date I have 204 jerseys. I have a mix of the white and black, throwback, Pro Bowl, and other special editions, and most of them have been autographed," Gonzalez said of his collection. "[It took] approximately 15 years [to collect]. Living in Mexico, it was hard to get the original jerseys, so when I moved to Toronto in 2012, my collection grew quickly."

Gonzalez drew his inspiration for this from seeing other fans posting photos of Steelers Legends as the season got closer each year. He then realized that he had plenty of options in his closet to start a countdown of his own, and the idea took off from there. He spent approximately three years gathering the photos and adding to his collection to be able to showcase as many of his jerseys as possible.

Needless to say, when collecting the array of photos to use in his countdown, Gonzalez drew quite a bit of attention from those around him.

"Some people are curious, others approach to offer to help with photography, and some come to ask what I'm doing," he explained. "Then there are other Steelers fans that see me and automatically yell, 'Go Steelers!'"

From Mexico City to Toronto and the many places he took photos in between, Gonzalez certainly exemplified the incredible passion that has become synonymous with Steelers fans around the world.

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Steelers Nation Unite member Edgar Gonzalez used his collection of Steelers jerseys to count down to a new NFL season.