Dupree thought it was 'dreary'

The NFL Scouting Combine is the ultimate job interview for more than 300 of the top college players. It's an opportunity to prove yourself in front of every NFL head coach, assistant coach, general manager, scout and just about everyone else involved in NFL football operations who descend upon Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

With the Combine underway, current and former Steelers are sharing their thoughts on what their Combine experience was like. Everyone has a different take on it, what they liked, or didn't like, and it definitely gives insight into what the experience is about.

You hear the NFL Scouting Combine described in many ways, but Bud Dupree might have come up with a new one.

"The Combine was dreary," said Dupree. "It was long. For me it was a bad process because I had a groin injury I didn't think was going to linger, but it did. It kept me having to do MRIs. Then they wake you up for drug tests. Then you get up in the morning and have to run 40s, do jumps. It was dreary."

Dreary yes, but something Dupree and others know is one of the most valuable experiences they will ever have.

"I think the Combine is a big mental game to see how people react to things and adversity," said Dupree. "It's more mental. The only physical thing is lift weights. The other things we wake up doing. We can wake up and run the 40, or do the shuttle. It's because we love doing it. It's the want we have. The weight lifting part you have to train for and have the strength for. The same people that lift the weights can't do all the drills.

"It's a great experience to go to it and know it's the last step before you go to the NFL."

A look at Dupree's NFL Scouting Combine numbers:

Player Info
First Name: Alvin Dupree
Position: DE
College: Kentucky
Draft Class: 2015

Player Dimensions
Height: 76.00 inches
Weight: 269 pounds
BMI: 33.53

40 Yard Dash: 4.56 seconds
40 Yard (MPH): 17.94 (MPH)
20 Yard Dash: 2.65 seconds
10 Yard Dash: 1.60 seconds
Vertical Leap: 42.0 inches
Broad Jump: 138 inches

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