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Dobbs staying busy this offseason

It's not surprising that Joshua Dobbs doesn't plan on sitting idle this offseason.

After all, this is a guy who isn't accustomed to down time in any way, shape or form.

Dobbs, who just completed his rookie season, is used to the hectic schedule he had while at the University of Tennessee. He majored in aerospace engineering, a degree that required a lot of time dedicated to studying, while balancing playing major college football and everything that comes with that.

Down time was unheard of, and that was okay for Dobbs.

"I'm not a big break guy," said Dobbs. "That's the thing, I don't do well with that kind of stuff. I have to always find ways just to stay engaged and start doing different things."

When the 2017 Steelers season ended, Dobbs found himself with something of a rarity. Free time.

Instead of sitting around waiting for something to do, he took advantage of the NFLPA Externship program. The program gives players the opportunity to work for some of the top companies in the country, learning about business operations that can be beneficial now and in the future. There are options that range from broadcasting and technology, to politics and events that provide hands on experience.

Beginning on Feb. 12 and running through March 2, Dobbs will be working with Fanatics, an apparel company affiliated with the NFL. He will be at their headquarters in Florida, attend events such as the Daytona 500, and take part in promotional events, including at the NBA Store in New York.  

"I'm really excited about it," said Dobbs. "I am going to be going to different Fanatics locations in Florida, all up and down the coast of Florida and also head to New York. I will be going to their different events and interacting with people there.

"Basically I will be like an intern for the company for three weeks. It's something that will keep me around sports, around the game, be a part of a company that does so much. It's an exciting thing."

The only problem for Dobbs is, it does only last for three weeks.

"Then I've got to find another hobby in the offseason," said Dobbs. "I'll figure something out. But I'm not too big of a break guy."

Dobbs did say he is already looking forward to the Steelers offseason program kicking off in the spring, but while he wants to keep busy, he isn't rushing football just yet.

"I'm looking forward to getting back," said Dobbs. "We've got like what, three months until OTAs. So I'll be excited to get back on the football field, get back around the guys, and get back in the competitive environment. I'm not saying we want to rush that, but it will definitely be exciting to get back when the time comes."

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