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Did you hear what the Ravens said?


Before the Steelers and the Ravens meet on Sunday, the folks in Baltimore have some good things to say about the Steelers offense.

Linebacker C.J. Mosley on if the Steelers' offense is one of the most explosive in the league:
"Oh yeah, definitely. They're definitely close, if not leading the league. I'm sure they're top five in explosive plays. Ben (Roethlisberger) does a great job of making great throws and we all see that he's very hot right now throwing to his receivers. Especially, with (Antonio) Brown making plays and (Martavis) Bryant and (Markus) Wheaton and those guys. So, that's definitely going to be a main focus for us. We have to make sure we play top-down coverage."


Coach John Harbaugh on**if the Steelers offense is one of the biggest playmaking offenses in the NFL:
"Certainly. They've done a great job of setting up their scheme that way. It's not that they can't do the other things either. They run the ball. They throw the controlled pass as well as anybody. Big Ben has bene on fire lately with his accuracy. They have numerous playmakers out there, and their coaches do a great job with those guys. I would say the answer to that is a resounding yes."

Mosley on Pro Bowl guard David DeCastro:
"With him and the offensive line, they're very aggressive. They come off the ball strong and that's what makes their run game go. They do good job of taking advantage of it, they're always there to make the right play, and they don't give up a lot of sacks. They just play smart, fundamental football."

Harbaugh on Antonio Brown and the challenge he presents their secondary:
"That's a massive challenge, obviously, because Pittsburgh is built on the big plays. They're not the kind of team that has to be methodical. The Chiefs were a methodical football team, and the first drive, we allowed them to drive down the field and score. But, we gave up a big play on the third-and-one, and then not until the beginning of the fourth quarter did they mount another drive throughout the course of the game. Steelers are completely different. It's almost like they don't try to drive the ball down the field. They're just looking for big plays. They're driving the ball down the field in one shot, and Ben   is one of the best ever at doing that. And then they've got weapons everywhere, every single position. [DeAngelo] Williams is doing a great job. They're all good, and we're going to have to be up to the challenge. But we have great athletes, too, and our guys are capable of doing it. So, we're not backing down from that challenge."

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