Davis: 'It's something we have to do'

NFL officials were at training camp this year showing players a video to help them understand the new rule regarding lowering the helmet.

That doesn't appear to be enough though, as it's been reported that an updated teaching video is being produced and will be shown to players after the preseason to further explain the rule.

Coty Sensabaugh is one of the latest to be called for the penalty, after he was penalized for use of the helmet when he tackled Packers tight end Marcedes Lewis in last week's preseason game, a play that left many, including Sensabaugh, wanting more clarity on the rule.

"If they're going to keep the rule in, I would think so," said Sensabaugh of wanting more of an explanation of it. "It's happening a lot. Obviously we don't understand it enough. We are doing something wrong. Hopefully it's something we can get better at.

"It's a new rule. We are all trying to get adjusted to it and get better at it, players and refs included. We have to keep playing the games and hopefully get better clarity and understanding of the rule."

The hit Sensabaugh was flagged left a lot of people talking, including players in his own locker room.

"I think the refs, on their part have to look at it a little bit harder before they throw the flag out there because sometimes it might affect the game," said Artie Burns. "It's a part of the rule so we have to try our best to keep our head out of the way. I think it's going to keep on showing up. It's a physical game. We have to try our best to not let those penalties happen on our side of the field and play penalty free."

Sean Davis knows his job is to hit guys. His job is to tackle. His job is to stop guys from scoring. But he also knows he has to adjust to do it within the rules, and the rules have to be a bit clearer.

"I won't say I am concerned. I think it needs to be cleaned up a little bit," said Davis. "I think there have been some unfair penalties. As a guy in the post I am aware of the new rule, I plan on abiding by the rule. I don't plan on hitting anybody high in the head. I am not trying to get fined this year. That is one thing I am working on. Just tackling lower, getting the head out of the game. It's something we have to do. It's a new rule and we have to abide by the rules.

"I am not going to be thinking selfishly about the money part. I will always do my job and do all I can to make the team win. If that happens, I just hope nobody gets hurt. I am all about people's livelihoods. It's my job to make sure people don't catch the ball and score in my zone. I am going to do what I've got to do to make sure that doesn't happen."

Davis hopes the new video helps both sides, the players and the officials, and gets everyone on the same page.

"Some of the shaky calls the refs are calling, that is the hard part, when guys are trying to avoid the big collisions, avoid getting their head in the tackle, and they are still being penalized," said Davis. "I think that might be the hardest part, getting everyone on the same page."

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