Davis: 'I need to do my part'

LATROBE, Pa. - It normally takes a few days into training camp for things to play out and roles to be defined.

But it took no time at all for Sean Davis' role to be determined.

From Day 1 of camp Davis has been working at free safety, a spot that is new to him, but one he is embracing.

"I am getting more time there, getting used to it," said Davis. "I have to keep practicing at it and perfecting my craft.

"It just kind of happened. It wasn't anything written in stone in OTAs. Now that we are working towards our goal in training camp, I am going to focus on it.

"I do have to learn it and practice it. It's something I look forward to grasping it and getting better. I am looking forward to playing it and getting better."

Davis started all 16 regular season games last year at strong safety, while Mike Mitchell, William Gay, Rob Golden and J.J. Wilcox all got starts at free safety. Those for are gone, though, and with Morgan Burnett getting first team reps at strong safety, Davis is now the free safety.

"This is my first time so I am more comfortable in the box," said Davis. "This is just the start, so I am going to work out the kinks to play free. It's a transition but I can do it.

"The biggest transition is stopping being so close to the action every play. Being more of everyone depending on me. I can't let anything get past me now that I am the last line of defense. I like that pressure. I am glad they trust me to be that guy for the defense. It's new for me. I am using this time to develop my skills and get better."

It does take a special skill set to play free safety, and in addition to the physical skills, Davis thinks his background playing baseball will be an asset going against quarterbacks like Tom Brady and Drew Brees.

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"I think I am a rangy guy, I can catch, and I can go to sideline to sideline. They see that as a more valuable weapon then keeping me in the box.

"I have a good background in baseball playing centerfield, seeing the ball off the bat, judging things. I can judge where the ball is going based of the trajectory. I am going to use that to my advantage to track the ball down and use my speed to fly around."

Davis, who played free safety in high school, knows it will take time, but he is just looking forward to doing his part to help a defense that struggled with missed tackles last year, finishing last in the league in that category.

"We were bad at missed tackles last year," said Davis. "That is a point of emphasis this camp. We are eager to put that on display. For us to be world champs that has to be a point of emphasis and be corrected.

"I need to do my part. I definitely think the coaches trust me to be the guy for the team. It's my job to get the job done."