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Dan Rooney on the Passing of Senator Ted Kennedy

United States Ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney on the Passing of Senator Ted Kennedy


It is with sorrow that I report on the passing of Senator Edward M. Kennedy.  Senator Kennedy was not only a great American statesman, but a good friend of mine and of Ireland and its people.

Senator Kennedy was a true advocate of health care, especially for children. He was committed to the idea that everyone should have access to health care.

He was a giant in furthering legislative resolutions for people in need, among not only his own constituents, but also among the people of Ireland.

Since his early days in the Senate, Ted Kennedy was active in the Northern Ireland peace process. He introduced resolutions condemning all violence in Northern Ireland, expressing support for the Good Friday agreement in 1998 and the blueprint for lasting peace.

Senator Kennedy was an instrumental supporter of Barack Obama's candidacy for the office of President of the United States. He continued that support after President Obama was elected.

My deepest sympathies go out to Senator Kennedy's wife, Victoria, and the entire Kennedy family. He will be sincerely missed for his active role in legislation and for his concern for the needy.

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