Coordinators Corner: LeBeau & Haley


Defensive Coordinator Dick LeBeau**

Re: Geno Smith turning over the football early in the season but not last week:
He's a first-year quarterback. Some of that was not his fault. But he is definitely better every outing. You can see it. He was damn good Monday night. I think everybody saw that.What did the bye week allow the defense to do?

We are trying to regroup a little bit, and focus on where we need to be and what we need to get done. I think the guys have done a good job of that. We are all very anxious, and I am looking forward to seeing us play.Re: Getting Cameron Heyward on the field more:

We were just trying to balance the snaps up a little bit. He wasn't getting enough snaps. One way to take care of that is to put him out there and let him go. Ziggy Hood will still play a lot. We are going to use all those linemen. I just think Cam needs more snaps. That's the reason he is in there. I think he will do a good job.What have you seen from him?

For those of you that are around the team, all throughout last year, you could see he was a significant contributor, particularly in the latter part of the season. He was playing very good football. I think he will do a good job in there.Is William Gay in the mix with Cortez Allen as far as starting?

Yeah. He is right in the mix. They are all going to play. Cortez still has that ankle a little bit. Gay will play a lot.Did Allen's ankle affect him in London?

I don't know that it totally affected him physically but maybe his timing a little bit. We all have to go through those things when we are coming back. He had a long spell in there that he was out. They are all good players. And you can't have too many good players. I am glad we have them all.What do the Jets do differently now as opposed to the AFC Championship three years ago?

They have a different coordinator. I see a lot of the head coach in their offense. There is continuity there. The wildcat aspect of it, somebody else other than the quarterback getting the ball back there, and those adjustments off of that on offense, they are probably screening more heavily right now. But basically, I think because of the head coach, philosophically, they haven't changed that much.What changes for you on defense when you have fallen behind the last four weeks?

We have to keep doing what we are doing, but do it better, obviously. Everybody has to keep focus and work at their own spot. They individually have to get better so that collectively we get better, and we can get this thing over the top and start winning these games.

Offensive Coordinator Todd Haley

What does Levi Brown bring to the offense, and what can you expect from him?I think he's a veteran that's played in the league that I have some familiarity with, obviously. It's another body that's done it. On top of that, he's a demeanor-type player that you like, and is a Pittsburgh Steelers type of guy.Can you talk more about his demeanor?He's got a little nasty temperament to him. Not somebody that you're always real comfortable going up to and asking a lot of questions.Has a decision been made at left tackle?No. We're working Kelvin Beachum in there, obviously, and they're all getting work. We're trying to get them all better and ready to go. Is Ramon Foster ready to go at guard?Again, you're going to have to ask Coach [Tomlin] on that. He got some work today, which was encouraging.How is Levi Brown picking things up?He's doing a good job. There is some carryover for him I think. Not a ton, but he's a smart guy that has come in here and worked and is trying to get himself ready to go.What did you see in Le'Veon Bell against Minnesota?I thought it was all encouraging, good stuff. We expect him to keep getting better, but I don't think there was doubt that he came in and it wasn't too big for him. He had a good look in his eye and demeanor on the sidelines. He handled everything pretty well and made some plays for us. Unfortunately, we got a little behind the sticks, so to speak, so we had to throw it a little too much there in the back half of the game. Otherwise, I thought we had some good stuff going.Can Levi Brown handle the zone blocking stuff?Yeah, I think he's a capable guy. There's a reason he was taken high in the draft, and I think he's excited to be part of this group, part of this team and to help us wherever he can.Will both Levi Brown and Kelvin Beachum play, no matter who starts?Potentially. Those are end of the week kinds of discussions. The main thing was trying to get Levi up to speed one way or another, and at the same time get Beachum ready to go, and Mike Adams is working his backside off to get ready to go also.Do you think Mike Adams needed to take a step back and sort of watch things? It looked like he was getting overwhelmed out there?I don't know. You'll have to ask him internally. He wasn't expecting to not play in a game, and we weren't expecting it. But it's part of the game, it happens and it's just really a matter of him responding to a little adversity and coming back stronger and better than ever. He's working out here to do that.Over the years Rex Ryan has had some confusing defenses. How does this year's compare to those?It's right up there. We've had a busy week, two weeks really, trying to get prepared for the multitude of looks and personnel groups. We've done a good job out here in practice, the card team, so to speak. It's really going to come down to our guys communicating, understanding who's who on each snap because it changes from snap-to-snap. They're a team where you may be in three receivers and they have base people out there and it's just the opposite. You could be in a heavy package and they could have their dime package with six defensive backs on the field. That's different than what you generally see. We've got to communicate, be ready to know who has who and handle it.Is Antonio Brown being targeted more? Is he open more, and do you expect them to use Antonio Cromartie to shadow him?I don't know what they're going to do. We've seen him shadow receivers so we'll find out what they think of [Antonio Brown] from that standpoint. They've got a lot of capable cornerbacks, starting with 31 that are good players and fit well in how they're trying to play defensively. They put a lot on the corners and ask them to sit out there on an island at times against real good receivers. We'll have our work cut out for us. Antonio has been doing a real good job of getting himself ready to go, and he continues to work hard. He's made a bunch of plays for us and he's just trying to get better also.Do you have any comment on the lawsuit that you're involved with?No. Personal, legal, no comment.

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