Construction continues on South Plaza project

Construction is moving along at a steady pace for additional seating in the South Plaza area of Heinz Field, which will give almost 3,000 more Steelers fans the opportunity to be part of game day at Heinz Field.

Demolition of the existing South Plaza is underway and the foundation is currently being laid, the first steps in a project that will be completed when the Steelers open the preseason in August at Heinz Field.

"We are currently in the phase of demolition and laying the foundation at Heinz Field," said Burt Lauten, the Steelers communications coordinator. "Over the next two months we will be continuing with that project. Around the beginning of April is when we will start the steel construction phase. You will start to see a lot more going into place at that time."

The South Plaza seating area will include a combination of general seating, premium seating and suites. The new seats are being offered to those on the team's season ticket waiting list in regards to purchasing the tickets, and the response has been overwhelming.

"Some of these patient fans have been on the waiting list since way back in 1995," said Lauten. "There has been a lot of positive reaction coming out of it. They are excited to get the new seats."

Heinz Field will be a hub of activity this summer with concerts by Kenny Chesney (May 30), Taylor Swift (June 6) and One Direction (August 2). While construction won't be completed, it also won't interfere with the guest experience.

And for Steelers fans who love the view of the Pittsburgh skyline from their Heinz Field seats, the new South Plaza seating area won't interfere with that either.

View photos of local tradesmen working to construct the new stadium seating project in the south plaza of Heinz Field.

"The scoreboard will not change with the South Plaza construction project," said Lauten. "You will still have the sight line of downtown that was originally part of the plan when the stadium was built in 2001. The South Plaza that fans typically stand on behind the goal post will just be elevated one level. They will still have that access but it will be elevated above that club level."

The most important aspect that the Steelers are hoping for is the South Plaza seating will extend the game day experience to more fans than ever.

"We're very excited about this project because we are giving the opportunity to almost 3,000 more fans to be a part of our home games," said Lauten. "We think this will add a lot of excitement, and noise, to that end of Heinz Field and will enhance the Heinz Field advantage for our team."

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