Clark shares the importance of reading


By Teresa Varley


Safety Ryan Clark took part in Read Across America when he read to kids at the Pittsburgh Children's Museum and Waynesburg Elementary School.


Read Across America is nationwide program that celebrates the birthday of Dr. Seuss and encourages youth to read.

Clark read The Cat in the Hat Comes Back at the Children's Museum and Horton Hears a Who twice at Waynesburg Elementary.

"It was a lot of fun," said Clark. "They rhythm, so if you just read them it becomes dull. You have to make sure you hit your rhythms. I read Horton twice. I was much better at it the second time."

Clark definitely didn't disappoint the kids. With his energetic personality he brought a lot more to the table than someone who was just reading words.

"I danced with the kids," said Clark. "We shared high five. I tried to do more than just be a Pittsburgh Steeler who came to read. I tried to interact with them.


"The kids were attentive and excited. You try to keep them in it as much as possible. I read to fourth graders too and they can read and I don't know if they were in to Dr. Seuss, but it was a good time."

Clark, who has two grade school kids, knows the importance of reading and stressed it to the groups he read to.


"I look at subjects like Algebra and Geology and things like that and depending on what you do for a living you aren't going to have to deal with it," said Clark. "But no matter what you do you are going to have to read. It's one of the fundamental things we learn that we use throughout life."

PHOTO ALBUMS - Carnegie Museum --- Waynesburg Elementary - Photos by Danielle Hudak

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