Opponents on Steelers

Chiefs are talking about Watt, Conner & 'D'

The Steelers take on the Chiefs on Sunday at Heinz Field, a game that will come against a familiar opponent.

They aren't in the same division, but this will be the fifth straight year the Steelers and Chiefs have met in the regular season. While some faces might have changed, the two teams are still familiar with each other.

"We look forward to playing the Steelers and we know they are a good football team," said Coach Andy Reid. "They are familiar with us, we are familiar with them, and it will be a great environment for a game."

The Steelers are 3-1 in the last four meetings, including winning both games played at Heinz Field. Reid knows that challenge this year will be no different than it has been in the past, and that's something he embraces for his team.

"You love the challenge," said Reid. "They are a heck of a football team. That's what you do this for. You love the opportunity to play against good teams and a great environment. We look forward to doing that. You have to control what you can control and that's making sure that you focus in here these next few days for preparation."

The Chiefs had more to say about the team, including linebacker T.J. Watt who was named AFC Defensive Player of the Week.

Reid on what he expects from the Steelers coming off a tie:
"They will come out and play. They are going to come out and play, we are going to come out and play. It will be two good teams going against each other."

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes on T.J. Watt:
"He's a great player. He was in my draft class, had a great season last year and then he started of this year well, of course. The Steelers always have guys that can get after the passer, that's kind of their M.O., they're going to be physical, but I feel like we're ready to match the challenge and we're ready to go up there and be physical and use our strengths."

Reid on the difference in preparation with or without Le'Veon Bell:
"That other runner (James Conner) is pretty good. He had that same situation that Eric Berry had, and he has come back from it strong. He is a local kid from there. He has done a nice job for himself, made a nice niche. I don't think they are caught up in all of that from the sounds of it. And he is playing well."

Offensive tackle Mitchell Schwartz on Watt:
"Obviously, he is a good player. You don't just luck your way into four sacks in a game in this league. He has a good blend of skill and athleticism. Some guys rely on more than the other, but, obviously, with his brother and that family lineage, they produce pretty good football players. They are good athletes, but they are also really good with their hands. They have good awareness. Just a lot of natural feel and ability from them. Pretty well-rounded player in terms of being able to rush the passer and also in the run game does good stuff. Making plays, obviously, his effort is through the roof. You see that on the blocked kick and on the backside of plays, chasing things down. Very complete player." *Note Watt's sack total was changed to three.

Reid on what he saw from Watt against the Browns that he didn't see from him last year:
"I thought every week last year he got better and better, as I looked at him last year. And then you look at him where he's at now. Relentless player. Good family genes. They are both good players. He does a nice job and plays hard. Has a nice little package as far as run and pass."

Reid on the identity of a Keith Butler defense:
"He came from that Dick LeBeau tree, which has a history of a very good defensive scheme. He has put his own flavor on it and I think he has done a great job with their defense. He keeps it manageable for his guys, so they can play hard and fast. They led the NFL in sacks. He has done a nice job."