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Brown: 'You see the hunger in the guys'


Wide receiver Antonio Brown is coming off a record-setting season, which included a trip to the Pro Bowl. But last year was just that, last year. Brown is ready for a new season and even though it's only week three of OTAs, he sees a team that is hungry and ready to go.

Are you starting to see the chemistry that is developing on offense with the new additions?
This is the time where you find out a lot about those guys, work out with them, start seeing the kind of personality they have. As we head to camp and minicamp we can learn how each other works and push each other moving forward.

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You see the hunger in the guys, you see the veteran guys taking hold of the group. It's always great to see Maurkice Pouncey out there and the offensive line running together as a pack. You see as guys come in everyone working together and working hard. The energy of the group is there.

Are you guys starting to gel?
It's pretty great working with those guys. I am learning a lot from Lance (Moore). Everybody is motivated, ready to learn, ready to work and eager to get on the winning side of things and just get going.

You mentioned Maurkice Pouncey. What's it going to be like to have him back this season?
He is the ultimate leader He is a great guy. Any time he is out there on the field he is the general. He controls the snap. His intensity and leadership provides a spark for the team, not just the offensive line, but the quarterback, receivers and running backs. He sparks the whole team.

There are a lot of changes this year on the roster. Is change good?
I think for the new guys here it's an opportunity for them to buy in to what we do and follow some of the guys who have been here. You get a sense for the new group, new energy and new feeling. I think everyone is embracing it and in the right place right now.

The team added a tall receiver in the draft in Martavis Bryant. Is that a good thing for the offense?
He is going to help us tremendously, not only in the red zone but in the field of play. Any time you get another guy who is talented and gives us a chance to win it's always good.

Another addition is Dri Archer. What can he bring?
He is another weapon. I am sure Ben (Roethlisberger) is licking his chops. We are all excited to have so many great additions to the group and we are excited to get working with those guys and get them accustomed to what we are doing, adjusted to the plays Todd Haley calls, and get rolling.

You are now the receiver on the roster with the most experience in this offense. Is that a responsibility you take seriously?
I know those guys are watching me, how I go about my business on the field, how I am in the meeting rooms. That is where I have to set the standard. When I look around in the room there are some older guys, but I am the oldest guy who has been around the longest. I have to will the team to win and my group in the way I handle myself and prepare.

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