Boswell calm, cool & collected

Seriously, there has to be ice running through Chris Boswell's veins. What else would explain the cool, calm demeanor the first-year kicker possesses?

Boswell, who by the way is the fourth kicker the Steelers have had this season, kicked in his first postseason game on Saturday night against the Bengals and responded going four-for-four on field goals, including a game-winning 35-yard kick.

Asked if that was the biggest kick of his career, he just matter-of-factly answered the way you would expect.

"For sure," said Boswell. "I am happy to do my job for the team and happy to be guaranteed one more game."

Boswell, who said the rainy weather in Cincinnati wasn't a factor for him, approached the Wild Card playoff game the same way he approaches every game.

"I try to do the same thing every time," said Boswell. "No matter if its preseason, season, or playoffs, kicking is kicking and it comes down to what you do every time.

"The footballs don't change, field goals don't change. It's just sticking to what you do every time."

It wasn't just his field goals that played a factor. Boswell had four touchbacks which limited the damage the Bengals return game could do.

"I was just hitting the ball well, really smooth," said Boswell. "I wasn't trying too hard. That is what I had a lot of trouble with in all of these different environments, trying to kick it hard so you mishit the ball. It's a lot of learning for me and just a lot of settling down and doing what I do."

Boswell, who made 29 of 32 field goals during the regular season, has been embraced by Steelers fans but said he still has a lot to prove and doesn't feel close to being an established NFL kicker yet.

"I think I still have a lot to prove," said Boswell. "You have to stay consistent. You can be consistent for the first game and then struggle through the rest. I have to get back to work and stay consistent and just get ready for work. I don't think anything is guaranteed in this business at all."

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