Bettis to Bell: 'Just play your game'

Le'Veon Bell is excited, and for good reason. On Sunday he will play in his first postseason game when the Steelers host the Dolphins in the AFC Wild Card round. The last two years Bell missed out on the playoffs because of injuries, but he is healthy and ready to go this year.

While he has that first-time enthusiasm, he is also making sure he keeps the same approach he always does.

And Hall of Fame running back Jerome Bettis thinks that is the way to go.

"I would tell him just play your game," said Bettis. "Don't try to press. A lot of players get in a game like this and they want to win the game on the first drive, and they start pressing. That isn't how it works.

"In the playoffs take what they give you, take advantage of your opportunity, and the big play will come. You can't force it. Be even more patient than he has been."

Bettis is a fan of Bell and what he does for the Steelers' offense, especially the dual threat that he brings.

"I love his entire game," said Bettis. "He is so patient, the way he hits the hole, his vision, and he is setting up his offensive linemen.

"He does so many good things for you and then you put him at wide receiver and he is as catching the ball as good as any wide receiver. Just to see his complete game is great to watch. It really is."

Bell has been on a roll late in the season, and Bettis said getting him and the ground game going against the Dolphins is going to be a key factor.

"It's going to be critical," said Bettis. "The one thing you don't want is their pass rushers trying to get after Ben (Roethlisberger). You want to keep them occupied with the running game and put some pressure on them to stop the run. If you sit there and just try and throw the ball, then they have some really good pass rushers that can get after Ben."

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