Berhe: 'I was built for that'

A Closer Look: Nat Berhe

Position: Safety

Experience: 5th Year

College: San Diego State

Twitter Handle: @NatBerhe

Who is your football mentor or inspiration?

I always looked up to Eric Berry, all he has been through. I have watched him since I was in college. I have always been a fan of his.

What motivates you?

I have that short man's complex, so I always have a chip on my shoulder. I am always thinking about the future, wanting to provide for my future family.

What has been the biggest challenge you've had to overcome?

Probably tearing my calf my second year in the league and having to overcome that injury. It's real psychological and I was able to get over it.

How did you overcome it?

Trust my training. Trust everything I was doing. Just say if it's meant to be, it's meant to be.

What scares you?

Living a life unfulfilled.

When did you start to dream about playing in the NFL?

It didn't happen until high school. I didn't start playing until high school. I was a basketball player. I dreamt about playing in the NBA until I stopped growing and thought I have to figure this thing out quick. I was always Kobe (Bryant) when I played. My house, we were big Lakers fans.

Why do you play football?

I have fallen in love with the game and everything it has brought me. I am from San Bernardino, California and there aren't a lot of people that come out of there who are a big inspiration. I want to be an inspiration to the youth that are still there.

What is your proudest football moment or memory?

Getting drafted. I came from San Diego State. I was the first Eritrean to get drafted. That was huge in itself.

When you hear Steelers football, what do you think?

Steel Curtain. You think of all of the greats who have played. All the hard-nosed guys. I was built for that.

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