Bell looking to break more long runs


Running back Le'Veon Bell shared on Wednesday that he still feels like he has a lot to prove, despite having a record breaking season in 2014.

He also gave his thoughts on a variety of other subjects in a one-on-one interview, from his desire to break more long runs this year, to the offensive line, and fellow running back DeAngelo Williams.**

On wanting to break more long runs this year and how to do it:**"It's making the defense play all of their gaps, play honest. If they don't, if they get a little greedy, you have to make them pay. That's when the big runs come. You see a defender try to make a tackle and he is out of his gap. I have to make a defense pay every time for that. When they make that mistake, and everybody is human, when one of them make a mistake I have to make them pay."

On the offense working to improve their red zone performance:"We started off as a team real slow in the red zone last year. We started getting better at the end of the year. That's something we have to cash in every time. I feel like as good of an offense as we have, we move the ball up and down the field but we struggle in the red zone. It doesn't make sense if you think about it. We got better at the end of the year. I am excited about coming into this year. We have to start off hot in the red zone, not settling for three points, because we are capable of six every time."

On the importance of a healthy offense line playing together:"Coach (Mike) Munchak has been helping those guys out a lot. Maurkice Pouncey played a full season last year and it really showed from my rookie year to my second year how much of a difference he made for that offensive line. There weren't too many injuries or shuffling of positions, and those guys gelled well and opened holes. I am excited about what they are able to do."

On how his knee is holding up in OTAs:"I am feeling good. I am feeling as good as I can remember. Week 17 last year was a scary moment when I hurt my knee. My knee is close to 100 percent. I am excited about my progress and how my body has been holding up after all of the carries I got last year and I am ready to go."


On the addition of running back DeAngelo Williams and how he fits in:**
"He is a great guy. He belongs in the running back room. He fits in well. He is an outgoing person. I feel like he is an older me. I feel like when I am in year 10 in the league that is how I am going to be. He is kind of laid back. He is kind of chill, has seen everything, done everything. He has shown me the ropes, hit me with knowledge that I wasn't really aware of and he has helped me become a better player, better person and I am glad he is on our team."  

On the football camp he hosted for high school athletes in Columbus, Ohio:
"It's so important to give back to my community. I remember when I was in high school going to camps, trying to get exposure for colleges. It meant everything in the world to me. To have that opportunity to do that for other high school kids, I held a free camp for college exposure. It was my first one and I can't wait for next year to have another one. It was so fun and went by so quick. It was an exciting time. I am glad the kids came out and the kids had a lot of fun."

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