Attention to detail

Defensive end Cam Heyward has seen some encouraging signs from the Steelers through the season's first 10 weeks and some aspects of the team's individual and collective play that he appreciates.

But Heyward trusts none of it.

"I don't want to get into trusting something because the one day you start trusting something the next day you're going to forget it," Heyward maintained.

As a result he has a required approach in mind for the stretch run that commences on Sunday afternoon in Seattle.

"Just try to improve on everything, not being satisfied, that's the main thing, and trusting that we're not complacent," Heyward said. "A lot of guys should have a chip on their shoulder.

"It's go-time now."

At 6-4, the Steelers' season could still go in either direction.

Linebacker Arthur Moats stressed the importance of attention to detail in the Steelers' effort to keep their arrow pointed up.

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"The thing I feel we need to work on is consistency, and that's across the board," Moats said regarding what will be required the rest of the way. "We've all taken turns having games where we didn't put our best foot forward. I want to make sure that going forward we're always consistent, we're always looking how we want to look in regard to our Steeler brand.

"It starts every day, taking it one day at a time, making sure we're putting that emphasis in practice. If it's tackling, if it's causing turnovers, if it's being accountable as far as your assignments, making sure we do it every day, even if it's in the walk-through, the meetings, not having those mental lapses."

Moats isn't alone in his contention that the Steelers' above-the-neck game will be critical the rest of the way.

"It all depends on us, the guys in the huddle and our preparation, how we go about these next six weeks, especially getting into the playoffs," guard Ramon Foster said.

"Our biggest thing is going to be the mentality of the team and not having any mental lapses. The physical part will take care of itself. The mental stuff is what we have to take care of."

Added free safety Mike Mitchell: "We've been doing a decent job all year. Obviously, there are things we want to improve because no team is perfect and we've made our fair share of mistakes. But there are no glaring things I think we need to get fixed, just always working on cleaning up communication and just always want to be 100 percent," in terms of carrying out assignments.

"To execute at 100 percent is really difficult to do but that's the goal," Mitchell said.

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