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Asked and Answered: March 8

Let's get to it:

Is Kellen Winslow worth a look? I mean, he was one of the top tight ends in the league before he was forced to deal with injuries and off-the-field issues. If he's able to come back and play at the same level as when he left, I think he's worth a look. What do you think?


ANSWER: No, no, 1,000 times no. Not as a player. Not as a teammate. Not in my mind. Kellen Winslow already served his purpose when it comes to Steelers history, because a Browns team that sure could've used a quarterback in the 2004 NFL Draft but passed on a guy who played his high school football less than 135 miles away to draft an overrated tight end instead. The Steelers were very happy to take advantage and pick Ben Roethlisberger for themselves.**

If Ben Roethlisberger were to retire today, would he be an all-time top 25 NFL quarterback?

ANSWER: Without getting into the ridiculous amount of research it would require to give you a well-informed opinion, I think Ben Roethlisberger would deserve to be considered a top-25 quarterback in NFL history. The one statistic I did look up was the all-time playoff record for NFL starting quarterbacks. As of the conclusion of the 2015 season, Roethlisberger is tied with Roger Staubach for eighth place on the all-time list with 11 playoff wins, and Roethlisberger's .647 winning percentage is 12th among all quarterbacks with at least 10 starts in the playoffs. In my opinion, winning, and winning in the playoffs, are what distinguish the greatest from the greats when it comes to NFL quarterbacks, and so based on that criteria Roethlisberger would deserve to be among the top 25 NFL quarterbacks of all time.

I thought it used to be a penalty for not tucking in the jersey. Am I wrong about this?

ANSWER: I don't recall that ever being a penalty, but at one time it could have qualified as a fine from the uniform police. It still may be a finable offense, but it also seems as though uniform manufacturers are making game jerseys that don't have to be tucked into the football pants but still manage to look neat and prevent the player from looking sloppy or disheveled. Maybe the guys wearing those kinds of jerseys are still getting fined, but I would guess this is some sort of accommodation between the uniform provider and the NFL.

Will the Steelers re-sign Michael Vick?


ANSWER: Never say never, because necessity can make for strange bedfellows, but if I had to make a guess it would be that the Steelers would rather go in another direction. After all, Landry Jones will be 36 before training camps open, and as we saw last season, his skills really aren't that good of a fit for the style of offense the Steelers run. But if the Steelers don't believe they can do better for a No. 3 quarterback, then there wouldn't seem to be anything ruling out the possibility of Vick coming back. He was a good teammate, and a diligent worker and professional during his time here in 2015.**

I know it would reduce the highlight reel hits, but do you think a tackle "wrap rule," where the defensive player actually has to make an effort to wrap his arms during the tackle – instead of the leading with the shoulder/helmet – would help with player safety?

ANSWER: It's a nice thought, but impossible to enforce. If a defensive player didn't "make an effort to wrap his arms during the tackle," what would be the punishment? A penalty? What would constitute "making an effort to wrap his arms?" And how could all of that be adjudicated in real time?

Bob, could you give us, Steelers Nation that is, your mock draft?

ANSWER: I don't do a mock draft, and I never will, because I simply don't know enough about the other teams' needs/interests to have any chance at doing one intelligently. I could copy what other "experts" predict, or I could guess, but I don't find either of those options worthy of your time. Sorry.

Do you think we can get anything for Chris Boswell, like a No. 6 or a No. 7 pick in the upcoming draft? This is assuming, Chris Boswell is the guy, which I think he should be.


ANSWER: If you've ever seen those television commercials for Sheetz that have to do with the quality of the food available there, you can understand the danger of making assumptions. But beyond that, the kinds of trades to which you refer – especially those for kickers or punters – typically aren't made until the end of the preseason after teams have a better idea of what they have, both in terms of having an extra punter/kicker or needing to make a trade for a punter/kicker.**

In my opinion our best move would be to keep Ramon Foster and let Kelvin Beachum test free agency to see if he's still affordable, and if not, then Alejandro Villanueva could likely develop into at least a good left tackle with a full season to learn; then keep Jesse James and see how he develops because he has starter potential and let him earn the job; and then focus all attention in the first two rounds of the draft on defensive backs. What are your thoughts?

ANSWER: My thought is that since you believe you have it all figured out, how about doing one of these two installments of Asked and Answered each and every week. I'm sure some readers might even prefer you to me.

Love Asked and Answered. I say we just fire Kevin Colbert and make our draft picks and free agent signings from your readers' suggestions and those in the Comments section on, since it is obvious that the readers are WAY smarter than all of those who are being PAID to make these decisions. That's sarcasm in case you missed it. Keep up the GREAT work!

ANSWER: That could be the way we finally get Ryan Shazier moved to safety and get Tim Tebow in here to fix the backup quarterback situation and then follow Ben Roethlisberger as the starter once he retires in a couple of years. That, too, is sarcasm in case you missed it, but I have a feeling you're with me all the way.

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