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Asked and Answered: Dec. 15

Let's get to it:

BEN FIELY FROM MEADVILLE, PA: Do you believe Steelers fans have overhyped Najee Harris, and would the Steelers run game be more efficient and effective if Matt Canada utilized the potential three-headed monster of Jaylen Warren, Benny Snell Jr., and Najee Harris?
ANSWER: No. I believe a segment of Steelers fans have overhyped Jaylen Warren and Benny Snell Jr. Both Warren and Snell are role players, while Najee Harris is a feature-caliber NFL running back. Rosters need players such as Warren and Snell, and both of them deserve roles on game days, but they are complementary players. Thinking that carries or touches within the offense should be divided equally among Harris, Warren, and Snell would be similar, in my opinion, to believing Franco Harris and Rocky Bleier were backfield equals during the 1970s. Bleier was an integral part of the Steelers' running attack during that era, a significant component to the teams that won four Super Bowls over a six-season span, a likeable guy, a consummate teammate and professional, a fan favorite, but when it came to the pecking order in the Steelers' backfield during that era he was Robin to Harris' Batman. On the current Steelers team, Najee Harris is Batman.

RICH VAN CAMP FROM TRENTON, NJ: Since Kenny Pickett has now suffered his second concussion in nine starts do you think it's a reason for concern?
ANSWER: I'm not a medical professional, and my opinion is that people like me who take it upon themselves to opine about serious medical issues, such as concussions, would be better off keeping their mouths shut. The UPMC Concussion Clinic is just 100-plus yards away from the Steelers practice facility, and the team has worked closely with the doctors there for years. When Coach Mike Tomlin refers to the "medical professionals" who monitor, treat, and make decisions about the players regarding concussions, they are the people to whom he is referring. Patients travel to Pittsburgh from all over the world to consult with and be treated by them, and those patients are from all walks of life. Dr. Mickey Collins is the Director of the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program, and if I or someone I loved was being examined by him, I would abide by whatever course of treatment he prescribed and accept his decision on if and when it would be safe to return to whatever activity had been the cause of the concussion.

PETE DEEB FROM FRANKFORD, DE: You get a lot of questions from Steelers fans who live outside the team's market, and they are saying they only see the nationally televised games. My wife and I left Pittsburgh in 1975 and are in our ninth location. In every place we have lived, we have been able to find a Steelers bar or one that shows all the NFL games each week of the regular season. We rarely miss a game and meet many great people while watching our Steelers. Will you please pass this on?
ANSWER: I just did. Thanks for sharing.

TODD BRIANT FROM FORT SMITH, AR: You may have covered this already, and I missed it, but what is the status of ever bringing back, "I'm Right; He's Wrong"?
ANSWER: In fact, you have been missing Agree to Disagree for a couple of years now, because the show with the motto, "I'm Right; He's Wrong" has been morphed into podcast form, and it is done weekly during the regular season. In fact, the most recent installment was taped on Tuesday and is available via You can join in the fun by going to, and across the top NavBar you will see a series of three dots (…). Click on that, and you'll see another series of links, one of which is for "Podcasts." Click on that link and you will be directed to a page that lists all of the Steelers Podcasts. "Agree to Disagree" is listed on that page, as is "Asked and Answered" and many others. Choose your favorite and enjoy.

DAVID STARR FROM PANAMA CITY BEACH, FL: Is it possible (or probable) that the game against the Raiders on Dec. 24 will be flexed? We, and I would imagine other Steelers Nation families, are planning our Christmas Eve festivities around the game.
ANSWER: Steelers-Raiders on Dec. 24 will not be moved from its current 8:15 p.m. time slot.

CHRIS ZEISE FROM CORRYTON, TN: With a plethora of teams seemingly mired in mediocrity, when it comes to the 2023 NFL Draft, does the NFL use the same kind of tiebreakers used for the playoffs to determine draft position for teams with the same records?
ANSWER: Yes. As of today, the Steelers' 5-8 record has them at 13th in the AFC, with seven playoff spots available; that same 5-8 record has them with the eighth overall pick in the draft. Of course, you understand a lot could change over the final four weeks of the regular season.

ERIC CHRISTOPHER FROM PHOENIX, AZ: In the Dec. 11 edition of Asked and Answered, you said you'd rather have Mitch Trubisky as the backup quarterback over Joshua Dobbs. Based on Trubisky's three interceptions against the Ravens, are you sticking by that?
ANSWER: Yes, I am sticking by that. It seems you are indicating that you form opinions based on what has happened most recently, which leads me to believe you might be thinking about casting a Pro Bowl vote for Baker Mayfield based on his performance last Thursday night.

FRANK FERRI FROM COZUMEL, MEXICO: I have watched mostly Steelers football, win or lose, for 65-plus years. Can you explain how do you get offsetting pass interference penalties, and then a dual-possession ruling based on players on opposite teams each having "two hands on the ball" on a fumble? I never thought these scenarios were possible. Are NFL officials that bad, or am I just getting too old and grumpy?
ANSWER: I only can speak for myself. I am old and grumpy, and NFL officiating is inconsistent and arbitrary. So apparently, it can be both.

LOU MANN FROM ASHKELON, ISRAEL: In the game against the Ravens, the pass interference called in the end zone resulted in the Steelers getting the ball on the 1-yard line. If it occurred anywhere else on the field, you get the ball at the exact spot where the interference occurred. Why isn't the ball put on the goal line?
ANSWER: If the ball was on the goal line, it would be a touchdown, by rule. That's why the ball is spotted at the 1-yard line on pass interference in the end zone.

MIKE REIBMAN FROM MERRICK, NY: Since Michael Molinaro from Gahanna, Ohio, wrote in a recent Asked and Answered about not wanting to attend the Christmas Eve game vs. the Raiders and "can't give away" his tickets, do you think he might give them to a fan who doesn't celebrate Christmas and would be happy to get to Pittsburgh from out of town to go to the game? Geez, man, try being an out of market fan.
ANSWER: As you will learn from the number of submissions below, you are not alone.

DAVE STEFKO FROM LARGO, FL: This is for Michael Molinaro, who stated that he can't GIVE away his tickets to the Raiders game on Dec. 24. Michael, will you give me a chance to prove you wrong by taking those tickets off your hands?
ANSWER: An interesting offer.

ROB STAMBAUGH FROM CLEVELAND, OH: I don't have a question, but if you could pass this on to Michael Molinaro who said he couldn't give his tickets away for the Raiders game on Christmas Eve. I would gladly take them.
ANSWER: And Rob is within driving distance.

SCOTT TEAMS FROM HUNTINGTON, WV: In the Dec. 13 installment of Asked and Answered, a submission from Michael Molinaro from Gahanna, Ohio, states that he cannot give away tickets to the Steelers-Raiders game on Christmas Eve. I will gladly take Mr. Molinaro's tickets and go to the game.
ANSWER: Could this be a Christmas miracle?

JOE EVANS FROM TACOMA, WA: I will take the tickets Michael Molinaro can't give away. Can you please help us get in touch with each other? Are there two tickets?
ANSWER: I would assume there are two tickets, but that arrangement would be between you and Mr. Molinaro.

JESSE MCILVEE FROM HAMBURG, PA: In the Dec. 13 Asked and Answered, someone wrote in asking about team input with the schedule. This mostly pertained to the Christmas Eve game vs. the Raiders. I just want to expand on the issue of tickets and not being able to give them away. I also am a Steelers season ticketholder. I drive four hours to go to home games, and sometimes scheduling does not work. We donate our tickets to Make-A-Wish and also to the Steelers Foundation. It's as simple as clicking on "My Ticket Account," and then donate. So please don't say you can't give them away. Do a good deed and give someone an opportunity to see the Steelers and bring a little joy to someone who could use it.
ANSWER: The spirit of Christmas manifests itself in many different ways.

DAVE HOUSER FROM LANCASTER, PA: I was wondering if you could send me the contact information for the guy that said he can't give away his tickets for the Christmas Eve game. I'll take them (and still find a way to celebrate Christmas with my children).
ANSWER: Christmas is all about spending time with family.

DAVE SMITH FROM LOUISVILLE, KY: Not really a question, but more of a snarky reply to the season ticketholder who said he can't give away his Christmas Eve tickets. The NFL may not ask teams when they want to play, but the Ravens asked for no primetime games with Pittsburgh after losing three in one season. I wish I would have met this guy before I bought my tickets to the game. My first Steelers game in Pittsburgh, at home, and to say I'm excited is a massive understatement! I'm more excited about this Christmas than any other.
ANSWER: Ho! Ho! Ho!

KATHY DAVIS FROM PITTSBURGH, PA: As 2022 winds down, I just want to thank you for your steady wisdom and moxie, especially in this unsteady year of transition from the luxury of having No. 7 at quarterback. How do you keep your cool, no-nonsense, "just the facts, ma'am" (or sir) tone?
ANSWER: To steal a line from Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones, "I drink, and I know things."

JAY TOMA FROM UPLAND, CA: Sometimes your answers to submitted questions seem a bit cranky. I have no idea if you drink coffee, but if you do, I would like to suggest that you refrain from answering any questions until after you've had a big cup of something. This especially applies to the dumb questions or comments.
ANSWER: "Dumb questions or comments." You mean like this one.

TODD GOODING FROM PORTAGE, MI: Have the Steelers ever had a dress code policy for players regarding game day arrival? I notice a wide range of dress, and some players choose to wear holey jeans in game day arrival photos. Whatever happened to being a pro's pro?
ANSWER: A dress code for players showing up at the stadium? Maybe this is a better example than Jay Toma's submission.