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Ask The Steelers - Randle El 2

ASK THE STEELERS – ANTWAAN RANDLE EL – PART 2 brings you the Ask the Steelers feature. Fans submitted the questions that were asked. Please understand that we receive an incredible number of questions for each player, with many of the questions being similar, and not all of the questions can be answered. We selected as many as possible, and took your questions to the current subject to get your answers.

Joey Brown asks: Why is it important for you to know all of the receiver spots?

Antwaan Randle El:I want to be the Jack if you will and know the X, Y, Z and F. If somebody goes down and we have to bring a young guy in, the young guy can learn the spot that is not as complicated and they can put me in the most complicated spot. I want to learn them so if that happens I can step in and we don't miss a beat.

J.C. Martin in Atlanta, Georgia asks: How did returning to the Steelers this offseason come about? Who made the first contact, how did it play out?
Antwaan Randle El:The Steelers made first contact with me early on. I wanted to gather myself before making a decision, But the Steelers called and it was like, let's talk. The bottom line was coming back to Pittsburgh was so much better for me as far as my family and having a good history here.

Jeff Goodman in Bono, Arkansas asks: What's it been like to come back where you helped Steelers Nation win one for the thumb? Did you ever imagine yourself being back in the Black and Gold?
Antwaan Randle El:I didn't imagine being back. My goal was to be in Washington for two more years so my oldest child could finish high school there. I am certainly glad I am here and we can work to winning another Super Bowl.

Duane H. Moore in Bloomfield, New Jersey asks: What similarities doyou see in the attitude of the locker room as compared to that 2005 roster?

Antwaan Randle El:Early on the attitude is one you can compare. You have veterans who understand what it takes to win and young guys who want to come in and learn. You have that feeling in the locker room, but only time will tell how it will be as things move on.

Dave Demi in Melbourne Beach, Florida asks: The expectations for the Steelers this coming season are very high. What skill set do you bring that can set yourself apart and help deliver onthe team'shigh expectations?
Antwaan Randle El:Leadership is something I look at. I bring my lunch pail to work every day and give all I have. I try to lead by example on the field and off the field the way I carry myself, the things I say and do. I live a life that represents Jesus Christ more than anything.

From Lloyd Hollen stationed in Iraq asks: Hello from Baghdad, Iraq. Will you be involved in the special teams?

Antwaan Randle El:I don't know how much, but I will be involved in the special teams this year.

Paul Gomez in Venice, California asks: Is there anything in Bruce Arian's offense that was not in Ken Whisenhunt's offense that you particularly like?
Antwaan Randle El:They are very similar. So far I have seen a lot of the same thing. They both liked to throw the ball. I don't know if there are any big differences. They both have gadget plays. It's all there.

Thomas Aussant asks: What do you think your role will be this year? Antwaan Randle El:My goal is to come out and compete and be the starter. I never came into a situation where I said I am going to just be the three or just be the two. I always try to be the number one no matter who is ahead of me or what their history is. I come in to fight for the top position and let the chips fall where they may.

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