A caring cut for Chickillo

Linebacker Anthony Chickillo is sporting a new look this offseason, his long signature hair replaced by a shorter cut.

Phase Two of the Steelers offseason workout program is underway.

The new look has nothing to do with getting ready for the warm summer weather, or just wanting a change of pace.

Chickillo cut it off to benefit Wigs for Kids, a nonprofit organization that donates wigs to kids who are losing their hair because of medical reasons.

"I just felt like it was a good thing I could do," said Chickillo. "I knew I could grow mine back so I thought it was a good thing. I saw it online one day, I saw someone had done it, and I thought it was a good thing I could do."

Wigs for Kids requires you cut off at least six to seven inches of hair, and it wasn't a problem for Chickillo who had eight inches cut off.

"I wish I could see whoever gets it, but I know it will make someone happy," he said. "It's something good you can do for someone else."

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