7 on 7: Defensive teammates take on Ben


They practice against him daily, so they might know him better than any defensive players in the NFL. So, what do Ben Roethlisberger's teammates think makes Ben, Ben.

Linebacker James Harrison
"His ability to put the ball anywhere and the ability to get away from would be pursuers and make tackles."

Linebacker Sean Spence
"His ability to extend a play. His ability to identify the defense's hand. If you show your hand to him too early you are going to be in trouble. He is going to make all of the right calls, all of the right checks and he can make every throw."


Safety Mike Mitchell**
"I think it's his unique ability to make plays when a play breaks down. He is not really fast, but somehow he is able to allude defenders long enough to make plays with his feet. He is able to throw the deep ball. As a safety that is the worst thing, a quarterback that is able to extend the play and the ball still go deep. That is the toughest thing about playing Ben."

Linebacker Ryan Shazier
"He has the Ben factor. Everybody knows what the Ben factor is. He knows how to make spectacular plays in the biggest moments."

Cornerback Cortez Allen
"He demands a lot out of his guys. You can see his professionalism on the field as far as how he gets everybody lined up, his veteran savvy. There are things that you can't coach that he does as far as his ability to extend a play. We always complain as a defense because he has so much time to do this and do that, and you get in the game and see him do it and it's realistic. He is a great competitor, great athlete, and a great teammate as far as how he those guys prepare and be accountable to do their job. He is very emotional and passionate about what he does and you can see that in practice."

Linebacker Jarvis Jones
"The guy is a workhorse. He is a playmaker, he is a leader. He is that guy you want to lead you. Ben is an awesome player. Our offense rallies around him, he makes them go. He is a huge leader for our team."

Nose tackle Steve McLendon
"He can do everything. He can do the impossible. You will think he is sacked and he will come out throwing a deep ball to one of the receivers for a touchdown. To describe Ben in one word…great."

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