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6 secrets to Antonio Brown's success

Steelers-Ravens * Saturday, January 3 * Heinz Field
AFC Wild Card Round
Gates open at 6:15 pm * Kickoff at 8:15 pm

Wide receiver Antonio Brown has had a pretty good week, winning AFC Special Teams Player of the Week and AFC Offensive Player of the Month.

Fans see on the field every week why Brown is winning those types of awards, as well as being selected to the Pro Bowl for the third time.

But it's Brown's teammates who know what makes him the player he is and what they had to say about him, any NFL player wouldn't mind having those types of compliments thrown their way.

Teammates share their thoughts on the little, sometimes unknown things, that make Antonio Brown special:

Safety Troy Polamalu:
"He makes tremendous plays. He just makes amazing plays. Athletic catches, extremely reliable hands and his run after. There is nothing his game lacks as a receiver."

Center Maurkice Pouncey:
"The way he prepares, the way he works. He is one of the hardest workers on the team. Every single day is serious to him. This is his life and this is what he loves. You can watch a guy like that and learn."

Cornerback Will Gay:
"He is a competitor. You can't teach that. He will outwork anyone on the team."

Wide Receiver Markus Wheaton:
"I think he really, really, really enjoys what he does. He enjoys working out. He enjoys doing the extra stuff that comes with getting to where he is. All of the extra film study and work that he puts in."

Linebacker Jarvis Jones:
"The dude works harder than anybody. Every day he is consistent, you know what you are going to get out of him every day. He isn't one of those guys that just comes to work and had a good game and feels like he did something special. He wants to get better every moment, every day and in every aspect of the game."

Guard David DeCastro:
"It's pretty simple. When you are with him every day you know why. It's all the work he does that pays off, all the little details, the things that go unnoticed on Sunday, the things behind the scenes people don't see."

Top photos of wide receiver Antonio Brown.

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