41 to attend rookie minicamp

There was a time, albeit before most of these guys were born, when attending an NFL rookie minicamp was a bargaining chip, a matter of some contention between agents and teams. But since the NFL adopted a system that tied free agency to a salary cap, the league and its players association have settled the issue to the degree where now it's more about the players who are permitted to attend a rookie minicamp.

Based on the current guidelines, the only eligible players are rookies and first-year players.

As per the Collective Bargaining Agreement, a rookie is any player who never has signed an NFL player contract, or who only has signed an NFL practice squad player contract. A first-year is one who has signed an NFL player contract but who does not yet have a season of pension credit. To receive a pension credit a player must spend three games on the active or inactive list, on injured reserve, or on PUP during the regular season or the postseason.

Based on those stipulations, the Steelers will have 41 players on hand for their 2013 Rookie Minicamp, a weekend's worth of meetings and on-field drills at their practice facility on Pittsburgh's South Side. Two of those 41 will be quarterbacks, with No. 4 pick Landry Jones figuring to attract most of the attention there.

The number of players breaks down into nine first-year guys and 32 rookies. The rookies are comprised of nine draft picks, 15 undrafted rookies, and eight more who will be in for the weekend on a tryout basis.

The nine first-year players are G Justin Cheadle, T Joe Long, NT Loni Fangupo, CB Isaiah Green, TE Jamie McCoy, OLB Marshall McFadden, WRs Kashif Moore and Derek Moye, and PK Daniel Hrapmann.

The eight players in for a weekend tryout include Purdue QB Caleb Terbush, West Virginia RB Ryan Clarke, West Virginia LB Terence Garvin, Pitt CB Jared Holley, Youngstown State TE Will Shaw, Virginia Tech DT Antoine Hopkins, UTEP S DeShawm Grayson, and Pitt S Andrew Taglianetti.

A complete rookie minicamp roster appears below:

2 Daniel Hrapmann K 1  Southern Mississippi
3 Landry Jones QB R Oklahoma

Caleb Terbush

QB R  Purdue
10 Markus Wheaton WR R Oregon State
13 Reggie Dunn WR R Utah
15 Derek Moye WR 1 Penn State
17 Justin Brown WR R Oklahoma
17 J.D. Woods WR R West Virginia
19 Kashif Moore WR 1 Connecticut
26-D Jared Holley CB R Pittsburgh
26-O Le'Veon Bell RB R Michigan State
29 Shamarko Thomas S R Syracuse
30 Terry Hawthorne CB R Illinois
38 Andrew Taglianetti S R Pittsburgh
39-D Isaiah Green CB 1 Fresno State
39-O Curtis McNeal RB F USC
40 Marshall McFadden LB 1 South Carolina State
44 Vince Williams LB R Florida State
45-D Alan Baxter LB R Northern Illinois
45-O Will Shaw TE R Youngstown State
46-D DeShawn Grayson S R UTEP
48 Luke Ingram LS R Hawaii
49-D Terence Garvin LB R West Virginia
49-O Ryan Clarke RB R West Virginia
51 Ivory Wade C R Baylor
61-O Nik Embernate G R San Diego State
67-D Cordian Hagans DE R LA-Lafayette
67-O Mike Golic, Jr. OT R Notre Dame
69-D Brian Arnfelt DE R Northwestern
69-O Joe Madsen C R West Virginia
71-D Omar Hunter DT R Florida
71-O Mike Farrell OT R Penn State
72-D Justin Cheadle G 1 California
72-0 Anthony Rashad White DT R Michigan State
74 Chris Hubbard G R UAB
79-D Antoine Hopkins DT R Virginia Tech
79-O Joe Long OT 1 Wayne State (MI)
82 Jamie McCoy TE 1 Texas A&M
91 Nicholas Williams DE R Samford
92 Hebron Fangupo DT 1 Brigham Young
95 Jarvis Jones LB R Georgia

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