4 things Ben said about the offense


The Steelers begin preparation today for the San Francisco 49ers, and for Ben Roethlisberger that means getting ready for a tough defense.

"They give a lot of different looks and they are a really good group," said Roethlisberger.

But he is comfortable that the Steelers offense has the weapons to handle the challenges the 49ers bring.

Roethlisberger shared his take on running back DeAngelo Williams, receivers Darrius Heyward-Bey and Markus Wheaton, tight end Heath Miller and center Cody Wallace.

On Williams performance against the Patriots, which included rushing for 127 yards:
"I was obviously very happy with what he did, but we all knew what we were getting in DeAngelo. He's a guy who puts the work in and is a great player. He's a guy who won't be put on a shelf once Le'Veon (Bell) comes back. He's proven he can be a guy who can give Le'Veon breaks, and Le'Veon won't be nervous to come out of the game because he's got a guy who can step up behind him and do great things."

On how Heyward-Bey and Wheaton did last game:"I thought they did well. They both made some great plays. We are going to look back and wish we would have done some things differently. That's myself included. Looking at it from my perspective, I thought they did a great job."

On why Miller's game is aging well:
"Because he's aging well. He's a guy that works and takes great pride in his craft. He makes sure he's in shape and ready to go."

On if working with Wallace for a few weeks before the regular season started helped, rather than Wallace having to step in fast like he did the last time there were injuries at center:
"That's why I think a bigger deal was made of it to the outside world. Cody has been here and is part of the group. We've taken many snaps. I wasn't worried about Cody and I think it showed. Cody played a great game."

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