4 takes from Pitt's T.J. Clemmings

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University of Pittsburgh offensive tackle T.J. Clemmings, who is projected as the top offensive tackle in the 2015 NFL Draft, spoke at the NFL Combine on Friday following his workout.

Clemmings said overall he was pleased with his workout, but also indicated he will do some of the drills again when he has his Pro Day later in the spring.

Here are a few things Clemmings had to say:


On how the combine workouts went:**
"It was a good day. I hit some numbers I wanted to hit here. I wanted to run a little bit better. So, I probably will give that another shot at my Pro Day."

On how he was able to successfully transition to offensive tackle:
"I would see the time I put in and my position coach pushing me the way he did and my mentor and technique coach Jay Caldwell worked with me on the weekends and anytime I was able to come home. He definitely helped me with the mental and the physical as well."

On how he feels about being called raw because he only played offensive tackle two seasons:
"It doesn't bother me. If that is what they feel then that's fine. I only had two years on the offensive line under my belt and that's not going to change from now to the draft. I need some work in some things and I am not afraid of that. I am ready to work on things that people feel I need to work on."

On how he feels about being called a first-round pick:
"As of right now, it is all talk. I don't get into what the media says and people think because things change on draft day a lot. I know the work that I've put in and I am trusting that everything will work out."

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