3 thoughts from the o-line

3 thoughts from the o-lineAs they headed into the offseason, several members of the offensive line shared their thoughts on the 2014 season.

Guard David DeCastro on the offense emerging:"It's a team sport so we are just trying to play our role and give the defense the best opportunity. I think we complement each other, offense and defense, really well, especially towards the end of the season. We were playing really well together, good team football and that's what wins championships."

Guard Ramon Foster on the cohesion with a healthy offensive line this year:"It has to start up front. We made it through healthy. I am looking forward to everybody being back in April and Coach Munchak having a year under his belt and he knows how to work with us now. It will be interesting to see what he points out and how much better we all can get."

Center Maurkice Pouncey on being a leader on offense:
"I think the things I have been through, the things I've grown from, the mistakes I have made have made me a better leader and person. Hopefully I can grow from that and stay positive."

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